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Annual Reports

Native Title Services Corporation         2012 - 2015 

Design Strategy for maximum stakeholder engagement:

  • Colour palette based on native plants of NSW.  

  • Easy to hold size ; 12 cm x 25 cm. 

  • Matt paper for warmth.

  • Layout enriched with Elder's quotes, images from community, NTS Corp employees, the land and its textures. 

2012-2013 was so well received by Elders and NTSCorp that images in the report were later used on NTS Corp T Shirts, hats and other promotional materials.  

In this work I collaborated with the photographer  Jamie James

Annual Report of 12 - 13 :

Foot imprint to underline the millennia of First Nation life on this land. The shapes flowing around the foot reflect topographic mapping as well as a way of life moving and flowing with the land's rhythms.

Annual Report of 13 - 14 

A "circle of life" theme. 

Annual Report of 14 - 15

The hand as ancient and modern symbol. 

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