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Animation & Film Design 


Feature Length Documentary              

Belli Productions


Below is a short section from a Canadian/American documentary about the archaeologist Marija Gimbutas. Marija's life was dedicated to bringing to light the Neolithic cultures of Old Europe. Her work was an inspiring source for my animation Double X (also below) made a decade before 'Signs'. Belli Productions commissioned me to create animation, illustrate scenes and colour enhance photographs of Neolithic sculptures for the screen. My work is scattered throughout the film, first broadcast on the PBS Network.  Now the complete film can be seen on Youtube.

DOUBLE X and The Unmentionable Underbelly of His-story       

13 mins. 35mm. Dolby Sound.

Produced by the Women's Film Unit and Film Australia     1986

In my twenties I was intrigued by the gap in the story of prehistory I'd been fed in school. What were woman doing? Exploring this question I researched, designed and directed XX. A big influence was Marija Gimbutas' lifelong research (see "Signs Out of Time" above). Her work set off my research into women and gender relations in prehistory.  XX won two international awards - one for Fiction ( Sydney International Film Festival) and the other for Documentary. (Chicago Intercom Festival) Dave Mason ( of The Reels) created the music that moves the animation along. In one section there is a rap and I see now a scene in that section may be edgy for First Nation peoples. I apologise for any offence.


3 mins / 16mm /1992

Commissioned by the Children's Film & TV Office for the ABC series "Lift Off".

I designed, directed and produced the segment, collaborating with Dana Rayson on the animation designed to bring a recorded conversation of children discussing the idea of "pleasure" to life.